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Eye of the Bhogi freedomroot at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 15:14:29 EDT 2005


I would think you would at least get a WELCOME / Keep Coming Back
keychain?  I mean, it doesn't glow in the dark like the one year.  But
it's a start.   Something to sink your teeth into at a bad moment.

Glad you found a welcoming group.  Jeff had some real negative
experiences as he was getting his life together and switching from
street drugs to methadone maintenance, and the rejection he
experienced from certain ideologues was enough to turn him off the
whole shebang.

I just don't trust the "anonymity" boundaries of groups where on the
one hand you want to share and talk, and on the other hand there's a
room full of sick people.  Loose lips sink ships, eh?

Whatever works.  Good luck getting aligned with the medicine you need.
 I wonder if that dharma saying might apply here:  When the student is
ready the teacher will appear.

lots of love, rachel

"Ibogaine is not, and never will be, a recreational drug."  Eric Taub

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