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HSLotsof at aol.com HSLotsof at aol.com
Wed Aug 10 12:56:46 EDT 2005

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to provide my comments.  I have never been to an NA meeting, 
something I should probably do just to have done it so to be able to have the 
experience and I can understand some people saying it is not their cup of tea but, 
it is someone's cup of tea and I know folks both ibogaine treated and not who 
have benefited from meetings.  Whatever works work and best to all.


In a message dated 8/10/05 10:08:48 AM, skcabs at consolidated.net writes:

<< I also am a lurker and this is my first post. I just can't let this
dis'ing of NA continue without my 0.5 cents.
I can't afford ibogaine. I wish I could. I began to go to NA meetings
hoping that I could find some ibogaine. I mean I see every other illegal
drug in the world on the streets, so why not and why not at NA I mean
"the concept of one addict helping another". Anyway I found no ibogaine,
but I did find a group of clean addicts (recovering addicts, ex-junkies,
non-using druggies) or whatever you want to call them. I found a place
to feel like a normal human with a problem. Maybe NA groups vary
radically from place to place but I have never felt sidelined because I
showed up nodding. I feel listened to. I am not clean but I have
moderated somewhat and I have quit spending money that I don't have on
my habit. I don't have a clean date and I have not chip or keytag, but
going to meetings definitely helps me keep my habit in the rational
If Julie would please send me $12,000 I will be happy to lie about NA.
Whatever to more comfortably beat this thing.
sk >>

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