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Ms Iboga ms_iboga at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 11:46:18 EDT 2005

dear sk,
I"m very happy NA works for you, but I'm quite surprised to hear you went to NA looking for ibogaine.  Seems like an exercise in futility, seeing as though NA condemns any and ALL drug use.
And btw, you don't have to have $12,000 to get ibo treatment, so please stop spreading misinformation.  You can order ibogaine on the internet for $300/gm, as I'm sure you would have discovered if you had actually done some research, instead of just feeling sorry for yourself.  If you live in the US, get it sent to Canada or Mexico, and stop perpetuating this 'powerless' crap that is so prevalent in NA.  It's truly nauseating.

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