[Ibogaine] oxycontin withdrawl & Bupe

tink tinkerbell.sarah at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 10:11:50 EDT 2005

Doesn't it last longer in the system than methadone?  It does have an
evil bite to it indeed, and for me, it wasn't until about 4 days after
i dropped my dose, then all of a sudden, YOU ARE SICK AS FUCK!!!! and
stayed that way for a while.
Dr K has some good advice about this, for those in need...
love tink

On 8/10/05, Ron Davis <rwd3 at cox.net> wrote:
> Randy, bro' 
> After several yrs. of riding the bup train, IM, I have found it to be a wolf
> in sheep's clothing.  I loathe the day the Doc told me it wasn't addicting,
> blah, blah...it has a vicious bite on withdrawal..short term only...I'm late
> by several years.  It has kicked me arse many times..strickly harm reduction
> to coin a phrase used by one of our learned members. ron
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> >I self medicated with bup and went into acute,severe, opiate withdrawal.
> >It's for folks physically dependent below a certain level. 
> >  
> >Nowwarat
> From what I understand, if you take the suboxone correctly the nalexone
> doesn't effect you. The liturature on it says to take the tablet and let it
> dissolve under yout tongue. That way the nalexone doesn't effect you. The
> nalexone is only supposed to hit you if you try and shoot it up. Well in my
> opinion that is bullshit. I tried to dissolve one under my tongue once 3
> days after not taking any methadone and went into withdrawal big time.
> I did what the lit. said to do and it didn't matter, I was sick as hell.
> Maybe I dissolved it under my tongue wrong or something, I probably did, I
> just know that going to bup after any kind of narcotic addiction should not
> be taken lightly, a doctors supervision is defenitly what the situation
> calls for. Tha'ts not to say that your average doc can handle it at all, so
> pick a good one if you are going to try bup. I understand that bup helps a
> lot of people. It's new so all the bugs aren't ironed out. Just my humble
> opinion.     Randy

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