[Ibogaine] oxycontin withdrawl & Bupe

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Randy, bro'
After several yrs. of riding the bup train, IM, I have found it to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.  I loathe the day the Doc told me it wasn't addicting, blah, blah...it has a vicious bite on withdrawal..short term only...I'm late by several years.  It has kicked me arse many times..strickly harm reduction to coin a phrase used by one of our learned members. ron
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    >I self medicated with bup and went into acute,severe, opiate withdrawal.
    >It's for folks physically dependent below a certain level. 
    From what I understand, if you take the suboxone correctly the nalexone doesn't effect you. The liturature on it says to take the tablet and let it dissolve under yout tongue. That way the nalexone doesn't effect you. The nalexone is only supposed to hit you if you try and shoot it up. Well in my opinion that is bullshit. I tried to dissolve one under my tongue once 3 days after not taking any methadone and went into withdrawal big time.
    I did what the lit. said to do and it didn't matter, I was sick as hell. Maybe I dissolved it under my tongue wrong or something, I probably did, I just know that going to bup after any kind of narcotic addiction should not be taken lightly, a doctors supervision is defenitly what the situation calls for. Tha'ts not to say that your average doc can handle it at all, so pick a good one if you are going to try bup. I understand that bup helps a lot of people. It's new so all the bugs aren't ironed out. Just my humble opinion.     Randy

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