Hey girl,..Capt

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Wed Aug 10 02:50:26 EDT 2005

  Hey Capt,

  Who you calling a bin boy girl,..ay...ay. Ya f*cken bin bo, I love ya 
  I bin here all the time, just not much to say that other people haven't 
already said.

  I sent you an email about a week ago,..did you get it?

  Big brother reckons I'm to old to get into the house,..and I'm only a 
  welllll,..I feel like a baby, all new and all. These days I like to go out 
  dance and dance and dance, at 4 in the morning I am the last one left on
  the dance floor.

  I understand what Jeff means about beer and for me wine also. I did not 
  beer or wine whilst on the methadone but now Mmm Mmm Mmm. If I go
  out I like to have a few beers,..wellll  several. To share a bottle of 
wine at
  dinner is like   WOW, it's such a sexy sensual thing to do. Then at other 
  I will have the same 6 pack sitting in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

  It has been almost nine months for me now and I feel great although my 
brain is
  still returning to me. I got most of it  and the rest is trickling back.

  You women are soooo beautiful, the flirting these days is just 
  it's like a drug talking to different woman whilst out, laughing, dancing, 
 and sex.

 Laughing ,dancing, music, kissing, sex,...it's all so much louder these 
days and
 it's alllllll so good.

                                                              with love, 

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> Jasen!! Where u bin boy??????  What u bin up to?? Come on come on, cough 
> it
> up!!!  Thought you musta applied for Big Brother and got in the house or
> something extremely bizarre like that LOL
> I think the NA group that... um.. someone was talking about should rename
> it, cos it doesn't sound like the "regular" ones at all.  It sounds much 
> too
> onto it!! Heh juss kidding ok?? Hear the laughter in my.. um.. typing!!!
> Love to all a ya, whatever state you may be in.. it's all good.
> Koiky xxx
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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Preston.
> Hey Preston,
> Mate I agree with your comment that the saying "once an addict always an
> addict"
> is very disempowering. Once a junkie always a junkie is such a crock of
> shit. It gives
> people a reason to relapse.
> NA and AA works for some,..not for me or people I have known. This higher
> power
> that is spoken about is also within us.Why disempower ourselves by
> believing it is
> something seperate to us.
> Are we not all gods, haven't all the great masters that have walked the
> earth all told
> us the same thing.
> I get so angry with religion at times as most of them cause people not to
> believe, to lose
> faith,..because of the way they depict their judging vengeful childish
> deity. I give you free will
> but if you don't do as I say I will cast you into hell. For f*cks sake, 
> why
> can't people see
> the contradiction.
> The power is also within us. Power to the people.
> I love you bro', I am glad you got through your $13 experience and are
> still well. What an
> experience.
>                                                                     with
> love, Jasen.

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