[Ibogaine] food for thought shooting the messenger and those hallucinogen weirdos ;)

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Tue Aug 9 03:42:04 EDT 2005

WOOO yehhhh good one Vector.. I'm obviously a old/newbie and really
appreciated this and the last email trahmendusslee. 
I loik a laff :o)
See you at Burning Man sometime huh?? I'll be the long haired (old.. heh
scary) chick leaping round heaps just glad to be out of New Zealand for a
change lol
Luff heaps
Kirk xx

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This is one of my old messages to the list from my last email account
before moving to yahoo. I'm re posting it here for my family background
and where I'm coming from please read it before moving on to my

--- vector6 at space.com wrote:

> Lets see. to give a little background I live in California, I'm  
> middle class I think, my grandpa fought in WWII, my dad fought in  
> vietnam. There's a American Flag in front of my house, not since Sep 
> 11, but since I was born. My grandfather is a Republican, my dad is a
> Democrat but doesn't really care. My grandpa is proud of having  
> served his country, my dad thinks it was a bullshit war that he got  
> drafted into. I don't know anybody near my age who votes or plans to 
> vote or cares. Republicans are repressed conservative weird old  
> people, Democrats are liberal old people who did more drugs and don't
> want to get jobs. The Libertarians are morally outraged that anybody 
> has the gall to tell them what to do, so step off and fuck you, the  
> Greens wants to smoke a lot of pot and hang out. Hackers are mostly  
> not aware that politics exist, those that are are libertarians.  
> Ravers are mostly not aware that politics exist, those that are are  
> mostly greens. Afghanistan is over there on the other side of the  
> world. Washington is in the US, but it's not the state that has  
> Seattle where Nirvana came from. Political parties have animals,  
> Republicans and Democrats have a donkey and an elephant I forget  
> which is which, the Libertarians have a cobra with "don't tread on  
> me" written on it, I've no idea what the greens have, probably a  
> hamster with a glow in the dark pacifier living in a dayglo cage. If 
> you are confused what the cato institute does and really care, you  
> could click their "about us" button and they talk on about something 
> or another. Hope that helped .:vector:. Carrie Rollins wrote > > > I 
> clicked through some of the links under Mindvox and > most of them  
> I've seen before but this one I haven't, > then I noticed that  
> drugwar also links it. What > exactly is the Cato institute? > > What
> it's saying is the same thing all the anti-drug > war people have  
> been saying for a long time, but it's > doing it in a very  
> unemotional way. I've been reading > the rest of the site and I guess
> it's a Libertarian > Party site, but what they look like they want to
> do is > throw the entire government into the garbage. It's not > just
> the war on drugs, they look like they disagree > with almost  
> everything. > > I think I'm a Democrat at least I've voted that way >
> before, but I'm not sure things got any better under > Clinton, did  
> they? The Republicans want to keep the > war on drugs going why? I'm 
> not clear on that either. > The Libertarians just want to get rid of 
> the entire > government period and every site of theirs has a huge > 
> anti drug war section. > > Who out of all this wants to keep the war 
> on drugs > going??? And who is doing anything to support > ibogaine, 
> it doesn't look like really anybody except > the people on this list 
> and what they do offlist. > > Did I miss something obvious? I'm  
> getting confused. > > Oh yes, Cato is http://www.cato.org > > -carrie

My dad started taking oxy for back surgery years ago. It's years later
and he's still taking oxy and has reached the stage where he has a
problem and has admitted it most of all to himself but to other members
of my family too.

Ibogaine is something I mention to him every time he mentions his oxy
problem and I'll eventually get him to give it a go :) 

My dad isn't what I'd call closed minded but he's not 20. He wouldn't
spend 5 minutes listening to someone from burning man any more then
he'd spend 5 minutes listening to someone who goes to lollapalooza. I
think both are fun, I've been to lots of lollapaloozas and will go to
burning man one of these years.

Does this make him a close minded, stigmatizing prohibitionist pig? I
think it makes him an average 54 year old who has a drug problem with
oxy's and would never touch ibogaine if one of those 'weirdos'
mentioned it to him.

Nope, he wouldn't listen to you either Preston, he'd never get past
your dress, tattoos and piercings ;) But he wouldn't stop me from
bringing you over to my house or being friends with you either.

Is any of this right or wrong, or wishing the world was different for
your convenience. I don't know, i'm only thinking out loud.


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