[Ibogaine] Preston.

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Tue Aug 9 02:50:53 EDT 2005

 Hey Preston,

 Mate I agree with your comment that the saying "once an addict always an 
 is very disempowering. Once a junkie always a junkie is such a crock of 
shit. It gives
 people a reason to relapse.

 NA and AA works for some,..not for me or people I have known. This higher 
 that is spoken about is also within us.Why disempower ourselves by 
believing it is
 something seperate to us.

 Are we not all gods, haven't all the great masters that have walked the 
earth all told
 us the same thing.

 I get so angry with religion at times as most of them cause people not to 
believe, to lose
 faith,..because of the way they depict their judging vengeful childish 
deity. I give you free will
 but if you don't do as I say I will cast you into hell. For f*cks sake, why 
can't people see
 the contradiction.

 The power is also within us. Power to the people.

 I love you bro', I am glad you got through your $13 experience and are 
still well. What an

love, Jasen.


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