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Tue Aug 9 00:40:27 EDT 2005

Reading this all one after the other, I'm confused. Mason and Matt
participate in NA (I think)? As far as I know Krista is involved with
harm reduction and has never said whether or not she is clean and never
said anything claiming to represent NA and Preston is replying to her
instead of Mason or Matt.

Compared to what used to be here years ago this is a mellow
conversation, NA people would arrive here every month back when Patrick
was writing for Heroin Times every issue and they were all angry,
threatened and ranting. I remember these endless rants from some MSC
about how everyone was in a state of relapse here already and there
were these giant sweeping conversations because Patrick used to post
and Dr. Moraes who was psychotically anti NA used to post, Steven Anker
used to post, that counseler from a methadone clinic Rick V. used to
post how NA treated his patients like shit. Then of course 50 well
written funny and longgg messages would come across how Bill Wilson got
clean from alcohol taking the belladonna cure and tripping and was a
big fan of LSD in his later years, which didn't cause him to change his
clean date.

Since the people here now who are if not representing NA at least work
the steps and are articulate without being angry at everybody who
isn't, I have one question for everyone from NA. To repeat who I am for
the newer people, I'm not an addict, never been one, I smoke pot, I
take some of those weirdo hallucinogens ;) I ended up on this list back
in 2001 searching for what happened to Mindvox and ended up on
ibogaine, I'm in college and interested in social policy, drug
addiction and treatment, in a big way this list has influenced my
interests and expanded my horizons so thanks to you all over so many
years of Mindvox :)

My question is the quote that Matt used, 'once a addict, always a
addict' what does that mean to you? Does it mean that you can never
again take whatever your drug of choice was. Does it mean you can never
take any drug at all to get high, because if you smoke some pot it will
lead back to whatever you came to NA for. Does it mean that any altered
state of consciousness is in some way too dangerous for you but ok for
normal people whatever normal people means? What does that mean for
you? I'm not asking what it means for all people working the steps,
what do __you__ mean when you write it?


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