[Ibogaine] Re: rant against MAPS and burning man attendees

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Tue Aug 9 00:03:26 EDT 2005

Hey, that's funny, coming from a CHEF!!! 
Kirk xxx

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we love you anyway ;]

On 8/8/05, shelley krupa <skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey now ,im a psych nurse ,no fair!
> Kirk <captkirk at clear.net.nz> wrote: 
> Tink Wrote:-
> I don't care if you poke your eye out with a sharp stick and roll in
> kitty litter. If that works for you, GREAT!!!If not, so be it.
> enough of me
> tink
> [Capt Kirk] Hey Man, you can trust me on this one... I tried it, it
> work. You end up being One Eyed and covered in.... stuff........ and the
> cats come piss and shit on you as well. They also get pretty irate that
> you're in their cat box in the first place...
> As for Burning Man, Had a friend who went to it last year (I think..) and
> she's way way worse than any druggie.... she's a .........PSYCH NURSE!!!
> folks....a pysch nurse. It sounds like an awesome festival of talent, art,
> dancing and fun. I'm going to make sure it's something I do before I
> shuffle off this Mortal Coil and go to meet me makah.
> Also have another friend who goes to the festival regularly..have seen a
> of photos of it and he's a .........graphics artist!!! Again, way worse
> than any druggie.........
> Rok on
> Kirk :o)
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