[Ibogaine] Re: rant against MAPS and burning man attendees

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Mon Aug 8 21:01:20 EDT 2005

Tink Wrote:-
I don't care if you poke your eye out with a sharp stick and roll in
kitty litter. If that works for you, GREAT!!!If not, so be it.
enough of me
[Capt Kirk] Hey Man, you can trust me on this one... I tried it, it doesn't
work.  You end up being One Eyed and covered in.... stuff........ and the
cats come piss and shit on you as well.  They also get pretty irate that
you're in their cat box in the first place...

As for Burning Man, Had a friend who went to it last year (I think..) and
she's way way worse than any druggie.... she's a .........PSYCH NURSE!!! Yes
folks....a pysch nurse.  It sounds like an awesome festival of talent, art,
dancing and fun.  I'm going to make sure it's something I do before I
shuffle off this Mortal Coil and go to meet me makah.
Also have another friend who goes to the festival regularly..have seen a ton
of photos of it and he's a .........graphics artist!!!  Again, way worse
than any druggie.........

Rok on
Kirk :o)

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