[Ibogaine] immodium for wd's

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Mon Aug 8 20:21:14 EDT 2005

Immodium works well enough for the diarrhea aspect of withdrawal (I'm 
assuming we're talking opiates here) For me at least, there was not enough 
of any other relief to make it better than say, bananas. Or other mild, 
bland, easily-digested, slightly constipating food.

Starting to believe it's sensible to treat ALL the symptoms of WD separately 
& aggressively. Anti-histamines/benedryl for the sniffles, advil or whatever 
for muscle aches, LOTS of water to prevent dehydration (which can cause more 
muscle aches), some nice sedative for sleep. or more benedryl if you can't 
find anyone to prescibe...

Immodium stops the runs, but never found it much benefit for anything else.
that's just me though.
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