[Ibogaine] muggings/OT rant about my bad luck

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Mon Aug 8 19:57:27 EDT 2005

luck to you Randy.
    Got mugged for the first time ever here in NYC a couple days ago, broad 
daylight, 11:30 AM, rightoutside of Mars Bar. I couldn't believe it, and I 
was holding my cane and coulda beaned him, but after he swung the box cutter 
at me, that nanosecond of extreme intelligence-induced imagination kicked in 
and I imagined him either getting beaned by me and blinking then killing me, 
or beaning him, having the cane break, him blinking, then killing me, or me 
beaning him, or trying to but having him grab the cane instead and then 
having both my cane and his boxcutter- and I decided the $13 or so dollars I 
had inside a pocket of my bag was worth a lot less than a lot of what could 
happen (especially since I've been reading about friends here on the list 
getting pummled or robbed without pummling). So I took the money from the 
pocket of my bag and sorta tosswed it at him and took off slowly walking 
across the street (2nd Ave), then as I got across the street I turned to see 
what he was doing and he was now following me with increasing speed. I 
pulled out my cell phone and yelled, "I'm calling 9-11, I'm calling 9-11!" 
(Can you believe it? ME, calling the cops. I couldn't but that's what 
they're there for, right?) I was on the phone literally for over 2 minutes 
with the dispatcher as this guy followed me up 2nd Ave., until he suddenly 
decided that maybe I really was on the phone with 9-11 and turned around and 
went off around the corner.
    I could not believe it. I've always told myself I would NOT let myself 
get mugged, that I carry a blatant weapon, that I don't look like a target 
(dress or no dress), blah, blah, blah, but none of that mattereed when it 
came right down to it. I decided I did not want to risk getting cut for such 
    He was leaning against the wall outside a closed Mars Bar and asked me 
for a cigarette. Being so broke (and having JUST borrowed money from Dana), 
I usually don't give them out to strangers on the streets, because I myself 
can find myself scrounging for smokes so can't afford to give them out willy 
nilly. But for some reason I stopped and said "sure thing, here you go," and 
handed him a smoke. Next thing I know he's got this box cutter in his hand, 
saying, "give me your money." I laughed out loud. "Money? What money? I'm 
fucking broke as shit man!" So he swung the box cutter and I suddenly 
"remembered" that yes indeed I did have a wee bit of cash I could throw his 
way so did so.
    Man, first time ever and it felt like shit, so demasculating, so 
irritating, so aggrevating. But I'm alive, unhurt, uncut, and only out $13 
bucks, so I figure what the hell, if I gotta get mugged, at least that was a 
fairly harmless version of the mugging thing.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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Well, it was my birthday on the 7th. I went to see my Momma and take care of 
some things, almost like a responsible person would do. I had a great time 
at my Mom's and slept like a baby with the tree frogs singin' in harmony 
around me. On the way home my car fucks up bad. I can't believe I made it 
back to Erie. It's something kind of major in the front end. In the last 2 
weeks I have had some pretty bad fuckin' luck. Somebody tell me this will 
end soon. Aren't bad things supposed to happen in three's. I think I am at 
about one hundred and five. Actually I think that this may be the third 
really bad thing that has happened. Of course this is my perspective, a lot 
of yall might say that what has happened aint no big thing. Fuck it, I'm 
going on with life, I can't worry about what is next. Love and life to 
everyone               Randy 

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