[Ibogaine] Re: rant against MAPS and burning man attendees

Matthew Shriver matt at itsupport.net
Mon Aug 8 19:04:10 EDT 2005

Yeah I caught the sarcasm and I was attempting to be funny.  But since we
are on the subject, the point is to take away the bat the addict uses to
beat themselves.  Addicts usually get a good long painful experience with
feeling helpless.  Pep talks and such mean nothing to someone who
experiences over and over again, doing what they desperately want to stop
doing.  The purpose is to say essentially that they are not a piece of shit
for losing that battle time and time again because the truth is they cannot
win it by will power alone.  (This is the theory keep in mind, not what I am
trying to convince anyone is the truth.)  This leads into step 2 which is
the idea that there is another source of power that can and will win the
battle.  You're post suggested (I felt) that the powerlessness idea is used
to disempower the addict, when in fact it is not.




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Matthew Shriver <matt at itsupport.net> wrote: 

< I would also submit that you don't
entirely understand the meaning of the powerlessness in the 1st step and I'm
pretty sure the word fuckwit isn't in there. >


In case you didn't clue in, Matthew, I was being sarcastic...I don't think
telling anyone that they're powerless can be a positive thing...

But that's just me..

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