[Ibogaine] oxycontin withdrawl

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Don't feel bad bro.  When they told me all about how methadone would make me
not want to use heroin and how heroin wouldn't even work anymore so it
wouldn't have any attraction, I was like, "sign me up doc!"  But those
things weren't true.  They told me I could taper and be totally drug free in
like 6 months.  I had a few friends (using buddies) that had gone down that
road and they warned me not too, but $7 a day is easier to scrounge than $25
and I was thoroughly tired of being sick so I wanted to believe it and I
signed up. Four and half years later I was still on 74mg and going down 1 mg
a week was painful and I was still occasionally using heroin and crack and
still getting high from the heroin I might add and it fucking sucked.  And I
had occasion to experience 2 and 3 day methadone withdrawals from time to
time (fail to get to the clinic on time and no take homes, you get the
idea.) and well, I really, really, really, don't think well of methadone
now.  So I realize that I certainly let that opinion influence my feelings
about bup but the truth is I don't know much about it.




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i'm as dumb as i sound in my postings, ron

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I had always been sold that too.  But I couldn't imagine that a drug that
lasted several times longer than methadone would have a less severe
withdrawal. But since I never got on it (bup that is), and I was pretty well
suspicious of it from the start, I never bothered finding out about it
chemical action in the brain, which I have heard more recently is somewhat
different than opiate agonists.  But I was told all kinds of things about
methadone that turned out not to be true also so I just sort of dismissed
buprenorphine as another attempt at controlling addicts rather than helping
them get clean.



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I think oxy w/d's last longer because of the chemical make up.  it is a long
lasting drug, designed that way.  w/d's can last weeks.  heroin would be a
step down drug in terms of w/d's . having said that,  is bup or sub more
difficult to get off than heroin?  i know methadone is a bitch,  bup was
sold to me by a doc that presented it as a warm puppy, i guess since one
doesn't get high, that was easily bought by me but know i'm hearing it is
very problematic.  i'm tapering and seeking advice on how to do so w/
minimal pain.  i was on oxys, the doc put me on pure oxy w/o the contin part
then i went to bup.  i think i was mislead as research on w/d's and product
literature downplayed the w/d's.  ron

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That doesn't answer the question.  Can anyone respond to the question of the
question of a comparison of withdrawal signs of heroin and oxycontin?


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pure hell, plastic , longlasting, stay away

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Hi all
Anybody know if the withdrawl from oxycontin is worse than wd from junk>? 


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