[Ibogaine] Ibogiane related news in July MAPS newsletter

Mason Shipley maseshipley at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 15:02:21 EDT 2005

Without making any judgments against anyone I wanted to say that what
Matthew brought up is true. I'm doing my best to be accepting because
that is what I've found here, acceptance of almost anything and anyone
but my background and sobriety started in the rooms. Chronically
smoking marijuana or doing psychedelics every time something is
bothering you, are considered to be drug abuse as much as anyone doing
heroin or smoking crack. The "medical marijuana movement" and weirdoes
who go to burning man and think doing mdma is the answer to every
problem that comes your way (and yes I understand they are two
distinct groups), are considered by most people in recovery or doctors
dealing with addiction, to be part of the problem not the solution.

The medical marijuana movement and psychedelics movement as typified
by the drug marathon of burning man and mdma heads from maps and
dancesafe, taking ibogaine and appropriating it into their own agendas
does nothing except attach all the stigmas associated with those
groups to ibogaine. Drug addicts who continue doing drugs promoting
ibogaine as the solution to drug addiction.

The DEA was clear about their opinions on medical marijuana with the
arrest of mark emery. I had never heard of mark emery before being on
this list, all I get out of reading the headlines is a multi
millionaire pot dealer was arrested. I should care about this why and
it's different from the crack dealer down the street or a exstacy lab
being shut down in what way?

My interest is recovery from drug abuse, not hearing rich drug dealers
and drug abusers rationalizing why drug abuse is ok for everyone. This
is called denial. From the tone of your writing I gather you are used
to talking to those who are part of your subcultures, most people are
not and do not want to be any more then they want to move into a

To add my own two cents I believe drug abuse is a disease and not a
choice and arresting millions for a disease is vengeance not health
care or justice. I also believe marijuana especially should be
legalized and is not the same thing as smoking crack and certainly no
more harmful then alcohol which is legal, there are more people in AA
then all the other groups combined. Legal doesn't mean it's not drug
abuse, but you don't get arrested for going to the liquor store or

My personal opinion on marijuana doesn't change the facts in any other
part of my message.


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> We had some one from the conference at Alex Grey's would bugged Patrick to
> get her a dose of ibogaine to--get this!--treat her pot dependency. 
> I just had to comment on this.  I gather from the tone that you consider
> marijuana addiction to be a sort of non-existent ailment.  I know you didn't
> actually say that so I may be misreading you.  But I know people who have
> gone to great lengths to stop smoking pot, even to the extent of
> substituting harder drugs like heroin.  And I would say that there is no
> question that such a thing as marijuana addiction exists.  If addiction is
> defined by an inability to control your actions by exercising your own will,
> than anyone who smokes pot and wants to stop but cannot is addicted.

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