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Dana< I think it 'll always be around, right or wrong.  I just wish i could get off all the crap I take as it's slowly killing me, ron
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  Yeah, it puts a strain on the heart. We knew that. 

  In the instant case the patient, herself a nurse practicianer, begged to be treated. Against the best instincts of the staff, she signed every possible release indemnifying them against liability. That didn't do any good when she died 5 days after the treatment, of course. According to NIDA, any death of anyone who's taken ibogaine--no matter how long after their last treatment--is an ibogaine-related fatality.

  For people with heart problems, we have to just say no. At least until Ibogaine is more widely accepted. And we should focus availability on drug-dependency--which gives us a medical leg to stand on if and when some one does die. In such cases, we can always argue that we were acting to avert a statistically much greater probability that they would die if they continued their addiction.

  So--just say no to psychedelic tourists! 

  We had some one from the conference at Alex Grey's would bugged Patrick to get her a dose of ibogaine to--get this!--treat her pot dependency. We told her it doesn't work for that; and that anyway, if we had any influence in the matter, all doses of ibogaine were going to wind up in bona fide hard drug addicts. One week later she announced that she had a new job working for Robert Morgenthau's campaign. (You remember, the Morgenthau who's pals wi. Montell Williams, the one whose office prosecuted Howard Lotsof in 1966?)

  So maybe they were testing us. If all of you restrict access to addicts, no one will end up selling a narc a take-home dose to take back to the crime-lab. This is a consideration not only in the U.S., Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden--but also wherever the DEA can make a claim to be stopping "narco-terrorism." 

  Since Ibogaine threatens what Burroughs called "the Junk Pyramid" everywhere, it's only a matter of time before Sensenbrenner or Souder or one of those midwest republican nut-jobs decides that Ibogaine is per se terrorism, inasmuchas preserving such pyramids is at the heart of Bush's economic strategy. Check out "Patriot Act: House Reauthorization Includes New "Narcoterrorism" Offense" http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/398/patriot1.shtml

  Face it: to the 51% who voted in the last election to sustain the U.S. seizure of the Iragi oilfields, Ibogaine is Un-American. 

  It's narco-terrorist for the same reasons as medical marijuana--They are terrified that their kids, based on the facts, are going to come over to our side, and that they're going to lose politically what they could not lose on the battlefield, like they did in Vietnam. Always remember, Watergate put an end to Nixon's Drug War--until Reagan got in again. All we have to do this time around is to hold out until disaster sweeps Bush and his drug warriors into the abyss.


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      12. Ibogaine Association Clinic Re-opened After Death of Patient In the
      last Bulletin, I reported that the Ibogaine Association
      <http://www.ibogaine-therapy.net/>, a small clinic in Tijuana, Mexico
      had unexpectedly shut down on January 21, 2005, causing data collection
      to come to a halt for MAPS ibogaine outcome study. The cause for this
      sudden closure was a patient who died after taking ibogaine. At the time
      the Bulletin went to press, the autopsy report had not yet been released
      from the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office, and so MAPS
      postponed releasing this information until the cause of death was known.
      On June 6, 2005, we received a copy of the autopsy report. It stated
      that the patient died of natural causes, a heart attack, unrelated to
      ibogaine administration. This patient was not in good health at the time
      of treatment, and suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic opiate pain
      medication dependency, which probably contributed to this patient's
      death. The clinic closed briefly after the incident, and then re-opened
      several weeks later after making several staff and procedural changes.
      An additional MD from Mexico and a Naturopathic Doctor from the US have
      been added to the staff in order to increase the presence of medical
      personnel, and more emergency medical equipment is now in place in case
      of future need. At this time, MAPS has not made a decision on whether to
      resume ibogaine research at the Ibogaine Association or to focus our
      efforts on the Iboga Therapy House in Vancouver. Go to the MAPS ibogaine
      page to track developments on this project:

    Is there an emerging pattern of heart-related fatalities around ibogaine
    use? It seems to me this might be the case from what I hear. Anyone else any


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