[Ibogaine] Ibogiane related news in July MAPS newsletter

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Sat Aug 6 23:34:08 EDT 2005

Hmmm... Well, I'm only stating the well-known fact that ibogaine 
doesn't seem to affect marijuana like it does heroin, cocaine, speed, 
cigarettes, etc. I'm not going to get didactic here about 
neuro-mechanism. The point is that the nMDA antagonism of the 
cannabidiol cancels out the build-up of tolerance to THC. Very 
important for MMJ patients. And this Morgenthau staffer doesn''t get 
it. You should hear what they did t o this patient!

O well.


On Aug 6, 2005, at 11:19 PM, Matthew Shriver wrote:

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>  We had some one from the conference at Alex Grey's would bugged 
> Patrick to get her a dose of ibogaine to--get this!--treat her pot 
> dependency.
>  I just had to comment on this.  I gather from the tone that you 
> consider marijuana addiction to be a sort of non-existent ailment.  I 
> know you didn’t actually say that so I may be misreading you.  But I 
> know people who have gone to great lengths to stop smoking pot, even 
> to the extent of substituting harder drugs like heroin.  And I would 
> say that there is no question that such a thing as marijuana addiction 
> exists.  If addiction is defined by an inability to control your 
> actions by exercising your own will, than anyone who smokes pot and 
> wants to stop but cannot is addicted.
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