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> 12. Ibogaine Association Clinic Re-opened After Death of Patient In the
> last Bulletin, I reported that the Ibogaine Association
> <http://www.ibogaine-therapy.net/>, a small clinic in Tijuana, Mexico
> had unexpectedly shut down on January 21, 2005, causing data collection
> to come to a halt for MAPS ibogaine outcome study. The cause for this
> sudden closure was a patient who died after taking ibogaine. At the time
> the Bulletin went to press, the autopsy report had not yet been released
> from the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office, and so MAPS
> postponed releasing this information until the cause of death was known.
> On June 6, 2005, we received a copy of the autopsy report. It stated
> that the patient died of natural causes, a heart attack, unrelated to
> ibogaine administration. This patient was not in good health at the time
> of treatment, and suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic opiate pain
> medication dependency, which probably contributed to this patient's
> death. The clinic closed briefly after the incident, and then re-opened
> several weeks later after making several staff and procedural changes.
> An additional MD from Mexico and a Naturopathic Doctor from the US have
> been added to the staff in order to increase the presence of medical
> personnel, and more emergency medical equipment is now in place in case
> of future need. At this time, MAPS has not made a decision on whether to
> resume ibogaine research at the Ibogaine Association or to focus our
> efforts on the Iboga Therapy House in Vancouver. Go to the MAPS ibogaine
> page to track developments on this project:
> <http://www.maps.org/ibogaine/>

Is there an emerging pattern of heart-related fatalities around ibogaine
use? It seems to me this might be the case from what I hear. Anyone else any


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