[Ibogaine] dancing bwiti kills my self (ibo & nightlife pt II)

Ron Davis rwd3 at cox.net
Fri Aug 5 23:57:41 EDT 2005

the benevlovent doc was 15 hrs and i c/n make it to his office visit every 30 days as required.  he was a good man, i was a poor man with a demanding job. timing may kill me but i found one closer and am using the same protocal.  . i'm following the regimen and no x's for 2 months and titratrating.  how did you know what i was told? one rx'd seroquel which allows me to sleep on 50 mg. he trusted me , the other doc didn't.  i took minute doses of ibo , the problem was recovery time.  i d/n have enough.  thanks for the interest. ron
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  Ron you where told be be benzo free prior to Ibo,
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