[Ibogaine] Fringe Yippie, circa 67-70 (was Wireheadz!)

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Fri Aug 5 14:06:31 EDT 2005

whose is?
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i don't remember it being a tshirtt shop, but then again, my brain is
not reliable

On 8/5/05, UUSEAN at aol.com <UUSEAN at aol.com> wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> I am thinking that maybe they had the tee shirt shop as well as the shop 
> on
> St. Marks. I was looking at that corner of St. Marks in pictures from the
> early seventies, and there was the Gem Spa. It's unusual for any business 
> to
> survive in New York for three months anymore, never mind decades.
> Maybe another New Yawk type can explain...was there a tee shirt shop and a
> magazine/fountain shop?
> S

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