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<< I was wondering this: why is iboga therapy now still revolutionary; 

the long research tradition on this remedy and the positive research 

outcomes for this remedy?  Why it's still "underground"? I'm now researching 

the same revolutionary remedy as Howard Lotsof did long before my birth(I'm 

23 now), how is this possible? In Canada thet are evolving the right way, 

but in my country it's illegal! >>


Ibogaine is not an approved medication and underground in some places because 
the money to make it an approved medication is not available. That is the 
short of it.  There is no general interest from the pharmaceutical industry to 
develop novel drugs to treat chemical dependence and no interest from that 
industry to develop molecules found in nature. I think ibogaine would always be 
considered a revolutionary therapy as it is quite distinct in its mechanisms and 
effects from other medications that are used to treat chemical dependence.  If 
it were approved and a hundred years had passed, then it might be described 
as having been revolutionary at the time of its introduction.

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