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Fri Aug 5 12:17:09 EDT 2005

>Thanks a lot, I have no words to express my feelings.I sure hope to find

kind regards,

 Finally, I was beginning to think there may be legal problems brewing
> which would be a miscarriage of justice.  Sara,  you are an institution in
> the nicest sort of way and i've never had the pleasure to meet you.  I was
> thinking about contacting some Dutch lawyer friends, who don't know about
> my other life but are extremely tolerant and well connected,  to check on
> you, but then it's not my place if someone wants to stay under the radar
> for awhile.  ron
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>   Sara, I tried to send you a private E mail and I think it failed to get
> to you. I'm not using a computer that I am very good at so I couldn't
> get your E mail address to come up. Anyway thanx for the video thread
> you sent me. It was right on time. I needed to laugh right then. And I
> mean right then. Sometimes I think you can read my mind. Please continue
> to be here for us. You have always been an inspiration to me. I still
> want to come to your house and take the Indra and see the difference for
> myself. I'm almost strong enough to come to Amsterdam now without
> worrying about all the dope that is around there. Much love to you and
> your family.         Randy

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