[Ibogaine] question for Howard Lotsof

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Come to the US and go back in time if you think Belgium is bad.  At least 
you have trains and help is fairly close by. ron
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> Hello,
> I'm a Belgian student and I do my these about "alternative aproaches of 
> drugtreatment", I'm very interested in iboga therapy, because it's one of 
> the strongest remedies against addiction that we have.
> I was wondering this: why is iboga therapy now still revolutionary; 
> despite the long research tradition on this remedy and the positive 
> research outcomes for this remedy?  Why it's still "underground"? I'm now 
> researching the same revolutionary remedy as Howard Lotsof did long before 
> my birth(I'm 23 now), how is this possible? In Canada thet are evolving 
> the right way, but in my country it's illegal!
> Now going to festival: student live is beautiful!
> Best regards Bart
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>>Subject: [Ibogaine] Correction to MAPS News Posting
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>>In the below item in this month¹s MAPS email news which was recently 
>>to this list I made a mistake in reporting that the Iboga Therapy House is 
>>for-profit clinic. What I meant to say is that they will be charging fees
>>for treatment, rather than offering free treatments as they had in the 
>>The Iboga Therapy House is registered in Canada as non-profit organization
>>and will be operating on a non-profit basis.
>>11. Up to $5,000 Grant Awarded to Iboga Therapy House
>>MAPS awarded a grant of up to $5000 to the Iboga Therapy House (ITH) for
>>assistance in setting up a new for-profit ibogaine clinic in Vancouver, 
>>Canada. The ITH was forced to shut down in August of last year when they
>>unexpectedly stopped receiving funding that enabled them to offer 
>>for free. In the year of the clinics operation, they treated 31 people 
>>drug addiction free-of-cost while funded entirely by marijuana seed
>>entrepreneur Marc Emery. The grant will primarily go to paying a salary 
>>Program Director Sandra Karpetas, while she builds a new business and
>>therapeutic structure for the clinic. They plan to start treating people 
>>the end of this year.
>>Valerie Mojeiko
>>Program Director and Clinical Research Associate
>>2105 Robinson Avenue
>>Sarasota, FL 34232
>>941-924-6277 phone
>>941-924-6265 fax
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