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I got my highly resistent staph infection from the hospital where I had my c-fusion.They took bone from my hip to use in the fusion.My neck wound healed ok but where they took the bone from my hip I developed an open wound that would never heal right.They just kept telling me to take the oral antibiotics and I would be ALRIGHT..... I went to a dozen different Dr. before I was at last told I had a highly resistent  staph infection. When I asked If I got it at the hospital they all did the shuffle.I later learned that almost all post surgical staph infections come from the hospital.They have a few antibiotics left that will kill most strains but you have to be almost dead before they will give them to you! I ended up with menengitis and had a fever of 103.7 F.and was given IV Vancomyicin.< SP 
Regards,  Jerry 

UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:
Hi Capt,
Actually it was the staph infection that I contracted from the last time I shot that landed me in the hospital most recently.  Agreed that staff is a huge issues for hospitals, but reusing needles (what I did), sometimes cottons, using a needle after someone had a staff infection, are the ways that many addicts get staff infections.  The IV antibiotics in the hospital cured my staff.
The issue of staff from hospitals is huge though, and of great concern to the medical community. Staff after surgery is quite common, as well as from hospital IVs etc.

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