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I gather you are aware that the Staph infection you so kindly got was
lovingly gifted to you by the hospital in which you laid to get well??  My
bestus friend and nurse constantly uses Tea Tree oil (Manuka oil of new
Zealand is a helluva lot stronger..) to combat staph infections from working
in hospitals with great results. An aussie doctor was also looking into this
for golden staph infections in hospitals .. But has been very quiet since
this brave announcement, hope he is still investigating.

Just some thoughts... I use tea tree oil for pretty loads of stuff. zits,
mouth infections, sore throat, bad breath, spray and wipe antibacterial,
toilet anti bact. Etc etc the list in endless.

Kirk :o)



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Ron,  You can be HCV positive and have edema from lots of other things.I was
worried about having the test results ( I am + ) on the MIB.( Medical
Information Bureau.) I went to the county 

free clinic and had the results in 3 days.You don't even have to give them a
name! The way they do it is you make up a 8 digit #..... HCV is not an
automatic death sentence! But it is best to know if you have it for a lot of
reasons.Most of all so you can learn about it and how not to past it on to a
loved one.I have had it for over 20 yrs.One of the reasons that I want to
use IBO is to 

get off my script for Morphine.I have a failed neck fusion and have lots of
pain but think sometimes the sideffects of the PK are worse that the
pain.One was bigtime swelling in my legs and feet! I got a staph infection
and almost bought it.The treatments for HCV are getting better all the
time.Now, if you find a loved one thats a match they can give you 1/2 of
their liver and both will regenerate.Sorry to go on and on but keep on
trucking! HCV is a downer but most of us can live a long and productive
life. Best regards, Jerry      


Ron Davis <rwd3 at cox.net> wrote:

Sean:thanks for the advice and friendship,  Ron

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Hey Ron,


I think your dr friend gave you really poor advice.  As Howard said, better
to know what is going on and then be in the position to make decisions about
treatment. I didn't get tested for HIV with similar reasoning..ended up with
PCP (AIDS related pneumonia) which never needed to happen.




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