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Ron,  You can be HCV positive and have edema from lots of other things.I was worried about having the test results ( I am + ) on the MIB.( Medical Information Bureau.) I went to the county 
free clinic and had the results in 3 days.You don't even have to give them a name! The way they do it is you make up a 8 digit #..... HCV is not an automatic death sentence! But it is best to know if you have it for a lot of reasons.Most of all so you can learn about it and how not to past it on to a loved one.I have had it for over 20 yrs.One of the reasons that I want to use IBO is to 
get off my script for Morphine.I have a failed neck fusion and have lots of pain but think sometimes the sideffects of the PK are worse that the pain.One was bigtime swelling in my legs and feet! I got a staph infection and almost bought it.The treatments for HCV are getting better all the time.Now, if you find a loved one thats a match they can give you 1/2 of their liver and both will regenerate.Sorry to go on and on but keep on trucking! HCV is a downer but most of us can live a long and productive life. Best regards, Jerry      

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Sean:thanks for the advice and friendship,  Ron
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Hey Ron,
I think your dr friend gave you really poor advice.  As Howard said, better to know what is going on and then be in the position to make decisions about treatment. I didn't get tested for HIV with similar reasoning..ended up with PCP (AIDS related pneumonia) which never needed to happen.
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