[Ibogaine] Fringe Yippie, circa 67-70 (was Wireheadz!)

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> On Jul 31, 2005, at 1:16 PM, Ron Davis wrote:
>> Dana:I was living in the city, fringe yippie, circa 67-70. I remember 
>> Ruben but not you.  Banana Dave was big, Electric Circus, we handed out 
>> German one fenning coins, which was 1/4 of 1 cent and fit the subway 
>> turnstile. I worked at the Filmore East b/4 Wooodstock.  any of this 
>> sound familiar? ron
> That's funny, the place were I'm writing this, 9 Bleecker, is where they 
> prepared the light show for the Fillmore East. Pablo's Lights, 1967-73.
> You would remember me from the smoke-ins in Thompkins Park or the Provo 
> Free Store on East 1st St--1967, the "summer of love."  1967 would be 
> "proto-Yippie", according to Stew Albert--because Yippie as a political 
> idiom didn't get it's name until the New Year's Eve party at Abbie 
> Hoffman's apartment on the last night of 1967. Shortly thereafter, I got 
> out of jail for a weed sale I didn't make, was inducted into the Yippies a 
> week after the founding party by Abbie, and went underground on charges 
> from a very minor LSD bust in August of '67.
> It shouldn't have been enough LSD for them to pay attention to, but they 
> were trying to get me for putting on the smoke-ins in Thompkins Park every 
> Saturday for most of that summer--and getting news of it in the New York 
> Times.
> Just like they aren't really going after Marc Emery for selling seeds; 
> there are dozens of outfits sending seeds into the U.S.
> They're getting Marc for the "money -laundering", i.e, publishling 
> CANNABIS CULTURE, opening the first Ibogaine  clininic in Canada and going 
> on national Canadian TV about it, and spending millions trying to legalize 
> pot in elections from Israel to Nevada. Marc's real crime is that he put 
> his money to good use, instead of tooting it up his nose!
> Think about it. Imagine HIGH TIMES opening its own ibogaine clinic...
> NOT.
> That's why Marc's a candidate for ibogiane sainthood. No one else who's 
> really gone out there crusading for ibogaine is facing the death penalty. 
> And remember that original African cultural context, iboga and cannabis 
> are most intimately intertwined. The Twa people say that Iboga is the 
> Mother, Cannabis is the Father (even though it sounds like it should be 
> the other way around; Pygmies have had it the longest of anyone).
> So Marc is facing potential execution for facilitating manufacture of 
> something many people on this list take to mellow out the after-effects of 
> ibogaine and to potentiate its anti-addictive effect--something that is 
> intrinsically non-violent and at the heart of the Drug War, which we all 
> work to end.
> I digress, but only because his case resembles mine in that some idiot(s) 
> are bound to challenge his standing as a prisoner of conscience.
> BTW, did you know  that in 1966 Howard Lotsof was charged and convicted of 
> LSD conspiracy by the office of then US attorney Robert Morgenthau? Thanks 
> to Montel Williams, Morgenthau has wrapped himself in the mantle of 
> medical marijuana-- but refuses to meet with ibogaine activists still.
> Oh well.
> Dana/cnw
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