[Ibogaine] Fringe Yippie, circa 67-70 (was Wireheadz!)

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Thu Aug 4 19:53:00 EDT 2005

On Jul 31, 2005, at 1:16 PM, Ron Davis wrote:

> Dana:I was living in the city, fringe yippie, circa 67-70. I remember 
> Ruben but not you.  Banana Dave was big, Electric Circus, we handed 
> out German one fenning coins, which was 1/4 of 1 cent and fit the 
> subway turnstile. I worked at the Filmore East b/4 Wooodstock.  any of 
> this sound familiar? ron

That's funny, the place were I'm writing this, 9 Bleecker, is where 
they prepared the light show for the Fillmore East. Pablo's Lights, 

You would remember me from the smoke-ins in Thompkins Park or the Provo 
Free Store on East 1st St--1967, the "summer of love."  1967 would be 
"proto-Yippie", according to Stew Albert--because Yippie as a political 
idiom didn't get it's name until the New Year's Eve party at Abbie 
Hoffman's apartment on the last night of 1967. Shortly thereafter, I 
got out of jail for a weed sale I didn't make, was inducted into the 
Yippies a week after the founding party by Abbie, and went underground 
on charges from a very minor LSD bust in August of '67.

It shouldn't have been enough LSD for them to pay attention to, but 
they were trying to get me for putting on the smoke-ins in Thompkins 
Park every Saturday for most of that summer--and getting news of it in 
the New York Times.

Just like they aren't really going after Marc Emery for selling seeds; 
there are dozens of outfits sending seeds into the U.S.

They're getting Marc for the "money -laundering", i.e, publishling 
CANNABIS CULTURE, opening the first Ibogaine  clininic in Canada and 
going on national Canadian TV about it, and spending millions trying to 
legalize pot in elections from Israel to Nevada. Marc's real crime is 
that he put his money to good use, instead of tooting it up his nose!

Think about it. Imagine HIGH TIMES opening its own ibogaine clinic...


That's why Marc's a candidate for ibogiane sainthood. No one else who's 
really gone out there crusading for ibogaine is facing the death 
penalty. And remember that original African cultural context, iboga and 
cannabis are most intimately intertwined. The Twa people say that Iboga 
is the Mother, Cannabis is the Father (even though it sounds like it 
should be the other way around; Pygmies have had it the longest of 

So Marc is facing potential execution for facilitating manufacture of 
something many people on this list take to mellow out the after-effects 
of ibogaine and to potentiate its anti-addictive effect--something that 
is intrinsically non-violent and at the heart of the Drug War, which we 
all work to end.

I digress, but only because his case resembles mine in that some 
idiot(s) are bound to challenge his standing as a prisoner of 

BTW, did you know  that in 1966 Howard Lotsof was charged and convicted 
of LSD conspiracy by the office of then US attorney Robert Morgenthau? 
Thanks to Montel Williams, Morgenthau has wrapped himself in the mantle 
of medical marijuana-- but refuses to meet with ibogaine activists 

Oh well.


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