[Ibogaine] Why tink flipped -or- an attempt at apologising and explaining...

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Thu Aug 4 17:47:06 EDT 2005

I OBJECT ~~!! Lol

I guess I'd be labelled someone who clicks with (some..) spiritual methods
but I don't click at ALL with the 12 step programs.  I click with Infinity
Steps..from what I've seen the 12 steps (and I will probably get a kick up
the bum for saying this so wiggling my wee white pom poms in your general
direction...)  they keep you at that 12th step and that's it... correct me
if I'm wrong (heh this is mindvox OF COURSE YOU WILL )  growth should be
ever evolving not stuck somewhere..and as for the higher power.. that's ME
of course...heh just gotta find the On button (or the off.. )





As for the spiritual path's effectiveness...I have seen that those who click
with spiritual methods do really well in 12 step programs.  Part of my
recovery has kind of been the opposite, accepting that I really don't
believe in higher powers and that 12 step groups will be of little help to
me.  So it seems to me from observation that what is effective varies with
each individual.  Also, sometimes what is refereed to as spiritual could
also be called ethical or moral.  I do find that any day I don't steal or
deal drugs, it is easier to stay clean that day.

Probably a matter partly of association. Personally I don't think I could
stay clean if I were dealing H for example.



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