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got to do sum thinkin' bro..I ain't real good with that...Kill your wife and I can help but can't do shite w/ myself,,,, we're cool ,ron
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  Ron, I have to agree with Howard about your feet and ankles swelling. When I was on Methadone and taking interferon my feet and ankles started swelling up too. 3 doctors all told me to immediately go to the hospital and get checked out. I wasn't told about it being a suspected heart condition but I assumed so, so I went. Turns out it was the methadone and interferon making me swell up, but it could very well had been a heart condition. They had an IV (I had to to tell them where to find a good vein) and an EKG machine hooked up to me in about 5 minutes. Scared the shit outta me. I didn't realize what a warning sign the swelling was. So, GO GET CHECKED OUT. I still love ya brutha and I want you around to give me shit every once in a while. LOL               Randy 
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