Fw: [clarity] Force Feeding Medication to Children - and Killing them

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Hi all,
    Remember as you read this that we lock up people every single day in 
this (and many, many other) countries for simple pot use and sales- of 
    At the very same time, this sort of thing is going on. The NYPress, 
while a free weekly, has some pretty reputable reporting enclosed, with some 
genuine reporting involved. (It's not my favorite paper, leaning a bit too 
far to the sarcastic right for my usual taste) but this article is well 
worth a read- just remember to keep a vomit bucket handy.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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This is the most sickening report I have read in years.

A whistleblower comes forward and admits that she was involved in force 
feeding drugs with toxic side effects (admitted by the drug manufacturers 
themselves) to children which caused them to vomit, have diarrhea, and in 
some cases die. These were black and Latino orphans in Washington Heights.

These kids are said to be HIV positive. If they refuse the drugs, a tube is 
surgically placed directly into their stomach forcing them to comply. This 
was called "adherence."

Some of the kids were taken away from their parents and forced into the ICC 
clinic, then force fed drugs without parental consent. Here is a portion of 
the article:
"One girl, a six-year-old, Shyanne—she came in for adherence. She was the 
most delicate little flower—beautiful, polite, full of life. Her family 
never gave her meds. So Administration for Children's Services brought her 
into ICC."
"So, she came in, and started the meds. And it was three months, maybe three 
months. And she had a stroke. She couldn't see. She was this normal girl, 
singing, jumping, playing. Then, poof, stroked out. Blind. We were freaked 
out. Then, in a few months, she was gone—dead."

This is fucking sickening, but entirely true. I couldn't make it through 
reading this entire article in one sitting. I had to get up, walk outside 
for a while and take long, deep breaths to even continue on. But everyone 
should read every word.

In my last email to this list I said I would be sending out an article that 
proves HIV is not the one and only cause of AIDS. This story is much more 
important, but for those interested in the latter, here is the link to that 
report http://www.altheal.org/overview/liamscheff.htm 

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