[Ibogaine] OT Reflections

BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com
Thu Aug 4 03:19:32 EDT 2005

Hey list, I know yall haven't heard from me very much but I've been 
reflecting a bit lately. Last week was one of the worst runs of bad luck I ever 
experienced. I was robbed at gun and knife point at work, mind you I was at fucking 
work and got robbed. Someone stole my cell phone,  I was shorted on my check, 
AGAIN, ................. I could go on believe me. I haven't been saying much 
because all I would do is bitch. I just realized though that all this shit 
happened and I didn't cook any dope, drink buckets of whiskey, or hell I didn't 
even want to smash anything. Well............... OK I wanted to smash some shit 
but the point is I didn't. I couldn't call my Ibo buddies after my phone was 
stolen because I lost all my numbers and I'm not good at keeping numbers and 
records and shit written down, so I sent a few Emails and got a few Emails but 
mostly I just sucked it up and kept going. Big deal some would say, your 
supposed to keep going. Yea, well, not straight, not this boy anyway, but I did. 
Miracles never fucking cease. I lost about 300 dollars last week and got paid 80. 
I'll never stop being amazed at the change in me after Ibogaine. I can still 
find things to be grateful for. Not being in a nod helps a lot when your 
trying to think things through. I've been sitting in Erie PA trying to be normal. 
It aint working. On with the freak show.    I love you all           Randy
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