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Wassup with my mailbox.. well you tell me and we'll both know.. I'm, just
being verrryyyy slack about sorting it out.. Was the same with freenet..
that's actually why I changed servers thinking it was something up with
them. as it turns out it's not and only with Ibogaine list.  Fekked if I
know. Most days I can't handle talking on the phone to strangers about
anything so I haven't sorted it yet.

Tried by email but was too much for any of the email technician type

Just ignore, I'm getting your emails.


Kirk xx



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Thanks for the honorable mention Jeff.. Wish I had time for the sabbatisal
that ruined ny IBO journey and broke me.  Where's Sara?  I'm worried about

 Thanks Tommy, I lost your no.  Kirk , whaddup w/ ur mailbox?   ron

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Hello Scott

 I am 45  and like you had a long term situation tho my 20 or so years was
more evenly split vis a vis heroin and methadone....

I too felt that i was a functioning addict...only one arrest good job..blah
blah blah i even said that i thought i was the ideal ibo patient as i hadn't
copped on the street nor hung with anyone who did dope for many many years
so environment was healthy already. 

 That's all well and good but assuming you are about my age 45 I would
HIGHLY recommend allowing at least the month you are talking about or more
and getting away to the beach... sitting home in nyc in freezing cold
weather was the absolute worst thing for my post ibo weeks ...You will be
RAW and tho you will be clean you wont be feeling well. This is of course
just my opinion from my experience but methadone is hard and it takes a long
time no month more like 6 to feel better....but DO IT The ibo will push you
3-4 months (again imo only) ahead of the curve compared to any other detox
and that along with the Nor Ibo gets you over the ruff spots...Boosters help
so plan on them...but two weeks forget it....a month or more yep...but time
is a healer your brain has been opiated for 20 years or so -a month is just
a drop in the bucket 

 I only say all this because no one said it to me....Tho it is readable in
Patricks ibo writings which i am sure you have read .Read them over and over
he knows the deal.

I am now about 9 mos post and feel pretty good...But this new world is a
double edged sword 

 When i  got into opiates i was a guy doing all sorts of good drugs and
such...then slowly the variety of things narrowed and then as my addiction
got hold it was basically a one trick pony show. Now that the pony has grown
,lived, and died(?), I find myself almost the same (well the same kind of
person)- I enjoy altering my consciousness. I like beer now never did when i
was on the  Methadone...love it actually.  pothead oh yeah! i do an
occasional benzo...love psychedelics ( tho that has been a kind of constant
as well but well ya know thats different hehehe!!) but what i am trying to
say is for me Ibo didn't change me like i thought it would (hoped?) it just
did exactly what it is 'advertised' to....got the opiate receptors in my
brain scrubbed clean almost painlessly ( a fucking miracle ) and got me
through the next couple of months so i could get healing time in and start
to live with the new found freedom... 

 speaking of freedom going out to Oregon this weekend for a big time fun
festival with my favorite music- String Cheese Incident...during the day
they have workshops and play shops to amuse the gathered freaks and one of
the workshops is "the politics of altering consciousness" and with out
saying names one of the women on that panel did IBO many many years ago..I
am curious and hoping to be inspired enough to bring up the subject of our
rooty friend to get the panels feedback..and oh yes besides that i will be
Freaking Freely again...wow I must marvel at the freedom i have to do the
traveling we have done this summer...Yosemite for the best hippie wedding
ever...Sf for a month with our guru Amma( amma.org) and visiting friends and
iboangels ....High Sierra music fest...home for more Amma time (eric???) on
the road for even more Amma time and now a long weekend (or more??) out for
my favorite fest of all...And this is just the first summer since I am not
handcuffed...Maybe I will actually do some of the things in my life i have
dreamed of while I was too handcuffed to even realize i wasn't doing...wow
Thank you Howard, Patrick and Ancient eboga man spirit thing that visited me
so gently.....So yes you will "experience some of the life you remember"
Scott maybe even more than you remember 

 Safe travels

wishing all the peacfu...(only kidding Ron *s*)

 Freaking Free-ly



On 8/3/05, Scott Porter <snporter at gmail.com> wrote: 

I've been lurking here since late last year so I thought it was time
to say hello and out myself because I am going to take the plunge and 
try ibogaine in the near future. I've heard a little about ibogaine
here and there but didn't pay attention to it until the harm reduction
conference last fall in new orleans when I had the good fortune to see
patrick's talk at the opening plenery, "if the medical establishment
has decided I suffer from a disease then why the fuck am I doing cold
turkey on cement floors behind bars?" yes indeed! Loved the rant and 
when I heard ibogaine at the end of the talk I tuned in, signed up and
been reading here and other sites since then. I've never considered
myself a freak and nothing here disturbs me more then any other
meeting I've been to, only difference is the writing and art is high 
end and past what most can accomplish or take from the life or un life
thats addiction. I've lived a double life for nearly 20 years, 18 on
heroin while holding down a corp job where nobody knows anything about
what I did when I left the office and 2 on methadone. I've got a month
of vacation time coming up in october and want to give my first go the
best possible shot that I can. I almost expect I will end up needing
more then one session but I like to go into things with the best 
expectations. I've never hit bottom exactly, only 1 arrest and that
was a long time ago, never lived on the street and heroin never caused
the rest of my life to go away, I'm married, two kids, good job, I'm
what I'd guess the 12 steppers like to call a functioning addict and
the best I can express is I want to feel some of the life I almost
don't remember from so long ago, it's a longing for something else I
figure and I've run out of veins :^) Wanted to give my thanks to 
Howard and Patrick and all of you here who's words i've been reading
for so long, especially enjoy Jeff Gallup, Tink and Preston.
regards to all and sorry for the long letter

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