[Ibogaine] HCV+

Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Thu Aug 4 01:22:35 EDT 2005

Hey Ron,
As much as I really love doctors (cough choke )  (ok MAJORITY.) I do know
they are there for the purpose of eliminating symptoms.  I can see the
reasoning behind what you don't know might not kill you... which ok can be a
bit silly, but when I think of the things doctors tell people (similar to
the witch doctor pointing the bone at a perfectly healthy person and telling
them they are going to die, which they do..... um..ex Dr. Andrew Bell??
Author.. cant remember good book though..) then Yeh I wouldn't want them
pointing the bone at me either.  The mind being THAT powerful that those IN
positions of power can literally kill a person who, with APPROPRIATE
treatment (be it mainstream OR Complimentary hah.. I mean anything other
than mainstream....) may very well live for many more years. And there are
many  many cases proving that one.
Um... I dunno, that's what my brain wanted to tell you.....I think the point
I'm trying to make is this mind thing.. the power of it is pretty cool...and
I'd love to see you utilize it........what's that nauseating saying? Turn
that frown upside down (RALPH!!!) (that's a southern hemisphere puking noise
BTW, all apologies to any ralph's out there...)
Um... where was I??
Sorry... I'm all over the place... I "anaesithized" sp? Myself this
afternoon and then a lovely trip to the Vet to have our dear Hunney Bunney
put to sleep with unfixable spinal complications.  It's very hard watching
your daughter grieving.. but ok, cos mine figured I couldn't handle it so
they hid it all from me right up til I was eighteen plus..... rotten
Waffle waffle, 
Luff heaps to all
Luff luff Ron
Kirk xxx

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