[Ibogaine] HCV+

tink tinkerbell.sarah at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 23:40:19 EDT 2005

That is the stupidest thing I have heard today.  If you think that
there is even a remote chance that you might have it, you should go
and get tested immediately Interfuron is far from the only option.
I was diagnosed hep C+ about 8 years ago.  After doing the ibo, the
first time, I have tested negative across the board.  I;m not saying
that it'll cure it, by any stretch of the imagintaion, but I can share
what happened for me.
I don't mean to come off like a screaming meemie here, and I apologise
if I started out rudely, but I get angry when people have a chance to
get themselves some iinformation that could make the difference
between life and death, and allow the fear of a possible reality to
potentially make it FAR worse than it needs to be.
Noone wins when people die.
I'm totally ranting here, and I'll stop.  It comes from concern, not
anger.  Please get your self tested.  The results aren't going to
change if you don't, only options for treatment, and that's only if
you actually HAVE it, which is not necessarily so.
Lecturing from love :]

On 8/3/05, Ron Davis <rwd3 at cox.net> wrote:
> I'm swelling after it, feet and ankles.  i refuse to do tests b/c i'm not
> going to do interferon and a doc friend told me don't get a test unless
> you're ready for the results. ron
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> Subject: [Ibogaine] HCV+
> i took ibogaine 2 years ago but my situation is going worser now with
> heroin addiction i again tried many things (detooxes, changing place
> going on journey) but nothing helped SO i think i checked the past and
> saw how ibogaine helped me out i stayed clean for a long time
> meanwhile i got informed that im infected wit HVC+ (hepatitis C) and
> dont know how long im carrying it but can i take ibogaiine with this
> sickness or could there be any complications thanks for the answers
> alot alot alot...
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