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I've taken ibogaine in various amounts, um, 5 times now? And I have hep c 
and have had no trouble at all- in fact my liver counts seemed much better 
after first taking ibogaine- hyaven't checked since but I was surprised to 
say the least by the test results, which I don't have any longer, as one of 
my providers took them for some study she was doing.

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i took ibogaine 2 years ago but my situation is going worser now with
heroin addiction i again tried many things (detooxes, changing place
going on journey) but nothing helped SO i think i checked the past and
saw how ibogaine helped me out i stayed clean for a long time
meanwhile i got informed that im infected wit HVC+ (hepatitis C) and
dont know how long im carrying it but can i take ibogaiine with this
sickness or could there be any complications thanks for the answers
alot alot alot...

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