succeeding in spite of me

tink tinkerbell.sarah at
Wed Aug 3 11:51:55 EDT 2005

I started work last night, thrown into a trial by fire at a
ridiculously busy restaurant that I bullshitted my way into the
kitchen at. I thought i'd be doing prep, but NOOOOOO...they stuck me
on the line as a sous chef. I surprised myself and those around me by
summoning up every last ounce of kitchen memory that I had from
working in every restaurant in the seacoast area (as a
bartender,usually, or bar/ wait) and got enough together so that I
ended up with a better paying postion and with more hours than I had
thought I'd end up with.
It's only taken, what, 20 years, to begin to pull my head out of my
ass, and now that I'm finally doing something other than existing to
go to the clinic or to cop, all sorts of good things have begun to
Just thought I'd share something pleasant...
love to you all

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