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Wed Aug 3 11:33:28 EDT 2005

Welcome aboard the Lunacy Express!!  
This list, these people (outspoken and not), and all who are on the
perifery, are an incredible resource for just about anything that ails
you.  Just ask Preston-he's just recently been getting advice on the
fairer sex (LOLOLOLOL) from this lot.  :]
I think hearing from another in the shadows is FANTASTIC!! Glad you
found us, and never apologise for the length of your posts...
I'd love to hear more- and hope you keep us updated on how you're doing.
Love and tranquility

On 8/3/05, Scott Porter <snporter at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been lurking here since late last year so I thought it was time
> to say hello and out myself because I am going to take the plunge and
> try ibogaine in the near future. I've heard a little about ibogaine
> here and there but didn't pay attention to it until the harm reduction
> conference last fall in new orleans when I had the good fortune to see
> patrick's talk at the opening plenery, "if the medical establishment
> has decided I suffer from a disease then why the fuck am I doing cold
> turkey on cement floors behind bars?" yes indeed! Loved the rant and
> when I heard ibogaine at the end of the talk I tuned in, signed up and
> been reading here and other sites since then. I've never considered
> myself a freak and nothing here disturbs me more then any other
> meeting I've been to, only difference is the writing and art is high
> end and past what most can accomplish or take from the life or un life
> thats addiction. I've lived a double life for nearly 20 years, 18 on
> heroin while holding down a corp job where nobody knows anything about
> what I did when I left the office and 2 on methadone. I've got a month
> of vacation time coming up in october and want to give my first go the
> best possible shot that I can. I almost expect I will end up needing
> more then one session but I like to go into things with the best
> expectations. I've never hit bottom exactly, only 1 arrest and that
> was a long time ago, never lived on the street and heroin never caused
> the rest of my life to go away, I'm married, two kids, good job, I'm
> what I'd guess the 12 steppers like to call a functioning addict and
> the best I can express is I want to feel some of the life I almost
> don't remember from so long ago, it's a longing for something else I
> figure and I've run out of veins :^) Wanted to give my thanks to
> Howard and Patrick and all of you here who's words i've been reading
> for so long, especially enjoy Jeff Gallup, Tink and Preston.
> regards to all and sorry for the long letter
> scott
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