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Hi Sandra,
Nice to meet you and blessings to you and the Iboga House.  Power to you all
up there.  My thoughts are also with Marc Emery, and sending positive vibes
that truth shall prevail.  Outraged and stunned here in NZ.
Luff lite n lafta
Kirk :)

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Hi all,

Sandra here from the Iboga Therapy House project...Haven't been on this 
list in awhile but I just signed up again recently for the digests so 
that I could tune in.

I'd like to offer some clarity regarding the Iboga Therapy House:

The ITH is actually a project now run by the Iboga Therapy Society which 
is now a non profit organisation in BC, Canada. We used to receive 
private funding from Marc Emery until the summer of last year. Since 
then however, although Marc is no longer involved, we have continued to 
keep the dream alive. We ave submitted a proposal to the federal 
government for funding for our follow-up study of the long term 
effectiveness of ibogaine treatment in improving quality of life and 
facilitating recovery. While we are awaiting a decision from them, we 
have received a small grant from MAPS towards the re-establishment of 
our new and improved clinic program.

To this effect we are actively working towards re-opening our clinic in 
October/November of this year regardless of whether we get the funding 
from the gov't or not.

For more information about our project and our research please see our 
website ( to be updated again soon) and the MAPS ibogaine page:


It's a bit confusing because of the similarity of our project names but 
Ibogatherapy.org is a project in Ontario, Canada our is located in BC, 

As for Marc Emery we are all hoping that his situation is acknowledged 
by our government and that they will not allow his extradition into the 
US where his potential charges are outrageous and the potential 
sentencing of cruel and unusual punishment by Canadian standards. He has 
contributed much here in Canada to the plight of the cognitive liberty 
movement and we fully support him in his battle.

Glad to be back on the list!

Hugs out to all of you for all that you are and all that you do,

Sandra Karpetas
Iboga Therapy House
Project Director

sandra at ibogatherapyhouse.net

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