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Kirk captkirk at clear.net.nz
Tue Aug 2 16:57:32 EDT 2005

Heyyy Ron!! Yehh see I  knew it!! And yes you are right, you are very much
needed here to keep some of us in check...you are the perfect addition to
this fucked up crazy  mess that is mindvox (and that I love dearly anyway..)
what I would suggest for you is a Job Change!! Yeh yeh easier said than
done, but sometimes done  is easy...we make it hard... and.. god it's too
early and IM NOT ALLOWED COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please mind this and ignore any grry arghyy posts in the near future.
Suppin on her milo....sigh not the same kick.
Kirk xxxx

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thanks, that lifts my sinking self esteem a little
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> Ron someone signed up to the list found the usual 300 messages in their
> mailbox a day later and freaked out, they signed off. I wouldn't take
> it personally they happened to post after one of your messages I doubt
> they left because you're depressed.
> .:vector:.
> --- Ron Davis <rwd3 at cox.net> wrote:
>> thanks for the thoughts, yeah, cynical, depraved, pan sexual, lawyer?
>>  just
>> a guy in a cheap suit helping guys in cheaper suits get outta places
>> I use
>> to frequent all to frequently.  they beat me up cuz it's my fault
>> they're
>> there, not the law or the snitch and then i beat myself up here for
>> you
>> guys. man, i hope i'm not chasing people away, pray i could put a
>> positive
>> spin on my sitch.  no way I'd take a shot at Preston,  the guy's
>> great, his
>> posts are great.....look at me as the darkside of the spectrum,  i
>> add
>> balance to the rah , rah  crowd,  i'll try to do better.  thanks for
>> having
>> me around and the thoughts.  really, i've got no problems compared to
>> a
>> member who pm'd me and said he'd whipped leukemia..really, it's a
>> priveldge
>> to know folks actually read my whinning, thanks for bringing me back
>> although i'll probably spin off again, ron  oh, yeah, i have a roof,
>> slithered out of the gutter and landed it, do have food, no bank
>> acct. and
>> borrowed computer but i ain't pulling copper pipe out of run down
>> buildings
>> and selling it for a fix. can't get the self esteem out of the
>> basement no
>> matter how many i get out of jail.  again, thanks for having me, tell
>> me
>> when i should go----- Original Message ----- 
>> From: "Krista Vaughan" <krista.vaughan at gmail.com>
>> To: <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>> Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 12:44 AM
>> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] RE: Ron, sweetheart....
>> I wanted to second everything in this msg :-)
>> Ron aren't you a lawyer who at least has a roof over their head,
>> enough food, enough money for all your prescription drugs and a
>> computer with a internet connection? This puts you far ahead of most
>> street junkies.
>> Didn't you just do ibogaine a little while ago?
>> Not to put you down in any way (you're great at doing that to
>> yourself, even if I hated you I could never do half the job you do on
>> yourself). Ron, addiction is a big part of your problem and a lot of
>> people's to be sure, but have you ever considered doing anything at
>> all after ibogaine? Finding a group you can relate to, counseling, or
>> nothing at all related to drugs exactly but finding some kind of
>> self-image improvement program or book, anything!
>> I know you can't do any of those things because your family is sick
>> or
>> dying, your job is too hard and it's better to keep beating yourself
>> up for no reason ;-) or any number of excuses you will come up with.
>> Ron, you're ok. Go look in the mirror, I'm good enough, I'm smart
>> enough, I'm ok. You are loved, try to love yourself only a little
>> bit,
>> we promise not to tell anyone.
>> KV
>> On 8/2/05, Kirk <captkirk at clear.net.nz> wrote:
>> > Ron, hope you are doing ok.
>> > Have you ever thought of doing some (dog forgive me for using the
>> "lingo'
>> > but I feel it is needed here..) kind of positivity program?
>> Changing your
>> > word speak, self image etc etc. You sound terminally cynical and
>> negative.
>> > I think your last email to Preston was humorous, but to be honest
>> was hard
>> > to tell..... no offence dear Ron, really!
>> > I just feel that you have gotten stuck in this position of
>> everything is
>> > bad
>> > no matter what...and even to the point of affecting other people to
>> leave
>> > this list?  Come on Ron, you expressed a valid opinion.. I think it
>> was
>> > coinky dinks.. if not.... it doesn't matter, although I totally
>> > getting dumped on for your posts to here!! But all I have to do
>> there is
>> > re-read the Welcome Mat and I feel ok again~! *kiss hugs to
>> Patrick, who
>> > really truly does understand ;o)*
>> > Ron ron ron ron ron......i just wanna grab ya and show ya that it
>> really
>> > isn't all bad.,..... I have my days... that's what it's all about..
>> I hate
>> > them,. But I have to force myself to look at the good the beautiful
>> the
>> > awesomely neat that IS around us all. It's there take a
>> look.........
>> > If I find something I feel might help your state of mind I'll send
>> it, cos
>> > I
>> > feel this is what keeps you where you are... not the drugs....they
>> are a
>> > symptom to deeper shit well duh ok that might be obvious more
>> obivious
>> > here?
>> > And im just guessing (and trying to see the pyter screen over a
>> huge fat
>> > fluffy ct tail.. .... nosey buggers aint they??? Haaaaa GO WAY
>> snowballs,
>> > I
>> > don't want to see them1!!! LMAO)
>> > Urh yeh sorry
>> > Love to you Ron, really., keep posting....that much I have learnt.
>> > Hugs
>> > Kirk xxxxxxx
>> >
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