Ron, sweetheart....

Kirk captkirk at
Tue Aug 2 01:21:41 EDT 2005

Ron, hope you are doing ok.
Have you ever thought of doing some (dog forgive me for using the "lingo'
but I feel it is needed here..) kind of positivity program? Changing your
word speak, self image etc etc. You sound terminally cynical and negative.
I think your last email to Preston was humorous, but to be honest was hard
to tell..... no offence dear Ron, really!
I just feel that you have gotten stuck in this position of everything is bad
no matter what...and even to the point of affecting other people to leave
this list?  Come on Ron, you expressed a valid opinion.. I think it was
coinky dinks.. if not.... it doesn't matter, although I totally UNDERSTAND
getting dumped on for your posts to here!! But all I have to do there is
re-read the Welcome Mat and I feel ok again~! *kiss hugs to Patrick, who
really truly does understand ;o)*
Ron ron ron ron ron......i just wanna grab ya and show ya that it really
isn't all bad.,..... I have my days... that's what it's all about.. I hate
them,. But I have to force myself to look at the good the beautiful the
awesomely neat that IS around us all. It's there take a look.........
If I find something I feel might help your state of mind I'll send it, cos I
feel this is what keeps you where you are... not the drugs....they are a
symptom to deeper shit well duh ok that might be obvious more obivious here?
And im just guessing (and trying to see the pyter screen over a huge fat
fluffy ct tail.. .... nosey buggers aint they??? Haaaaa GO WAY snowballs, I
don't want to see them1!!! LMAO)
Urh yeh sorry
Love to you Ron, really., keep posting....that much I have learnt.
Kirk xxxxxxx

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