[Ibogaine] Marc Emery arrested by DEA, in Canada

Rick Strcat rickstrcat at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 1 19:58:42 EDT 2005

I just now read this.  Totally echo your question about how can they apply 
US laws in Canada.  Is this going to affect buying ibogaine *anywhere* in 

>From: kevyn at the Cluster <kevyn at pagancluster.org>
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>Subject: [Ibogaine] Marc Emery arrested by DEA, in Canada
>Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 00:59:09 -0600
>Just a note, in case you had not yet heard.
>The DEA excersised a warrant, remember the DEA is AMerican, not Canadian, 
>to shut down and seize his store in Vancouver.
>Then had a press conference, with alot of lies about how much a bad man 
>Marc is.
>Then they arrested him in Halifax, on the other coast, still in canada, and 
>have asked to have him extrodited to the US for trial.
>what is going on here, where the US can now use their law in Canada?
>I will try and find the relevant email contacts and such for anyone 
>kevyn, in Alberta
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