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In the below item in this month¹s MAPS email news which was recently posted
to this list I made a mistake in reporting that the Iboga Therapy House is a
for-profit clinic. What I meant to say is that they will be charging fees
for treatment, rather than offering free treatments as they had in the past.
The Iboga Therapy House is registered in Canada as non-profit organization
and will be operating on a non-profit basis.

11. Up to $5,000 Grant Awarded to Iboga Therapy House
MAPS awarded a grant of up to $5000 to the Iboga Therapy House (ITH) for
assistance in setting up a new for-profit ibogaine clinic in Vancouver, BC,
Canada. The ITH was forced to shut down in August of last year when they
unexpectedly stopped receiving funding that enabled them to offer treatments
for free. In the year of the clinics operation, they treated 31 people with
drug addiction free-of-cost while funded entirely by marijuana seed
entrepreneur Marc Emery. The grant will primarily go to paying a salary for
Program Director Sandra Karpetas, while she builds a new business and
therapeutic structure for the clinic. They plan to start treating people by
the end of this year.

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