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 coming to the midvox Ibo-list for advice on women...LOL ....have 
fun!!...tho i bet advertising your recent sexual activities may have 
something to do with"the woman's" unpredicability.
Freak Sexually Freak Ecstatic Freak Free...

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> and will someone PLEASE FREAKIN' EXPLAIN WOMEN TI ME? PLEASE? I'm not 
> yelling, really, I'm calm, rational, high as a kite but rational, but 
> someone, anyone, please just EXPLAIN WOMEN TO ME! Damn it!
> Why do they ALL have to be so darned, whatever it is they are at any given 
> moment in time?
>  Hi Preston,
>  I wish I did queer explaining of woman for the straight guy, but I have 
> no talent at it. I have a hard enough time understanding men. I think I got 
> the horny all part both experientially and from observation, oh yeah and the 
> ego thing..that too is pretty simple. One of the few areas where I am a 
> really typical gay guy is that I tend to really bond with women. 
>  I don't think this helped at all, but then I did tell you it wouldn't. I 
> hope other mindvoxians can help you with this crucial request. 
>  Toodles,
> Sean
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