Marc Faces Death Penalty

Dana Beal dana at
Mon Aug 1 10:01:45 EDT 2005

From: rbirkett at


If Marc Emery is implicated in manufacture of more than 60,000 plants, 
may be subject to a possible death sentence under US law. Few people 
that a US law that permits the death penalty in cases where a life 
could be imposed and the quantities alleged are double the minumum 
for a life sentence. US law provides for a life sentence for 
manufacture of
30,000 or more plants. I believe it was Bruce Cain who alerted area
activists of this little known aspect of US law.

Canada has a policy of not extraditing defendants who are subject to a
possible death sentence. Maybe, Marc Emery's defense attorneys could use
this strategy to stop Emery's extradition. They have to be careful not 
reveal this strategy prior to the extradition hearing, or the 
will manufacture (pun intended) an arbitrary number under 60,000.

-Rich Birkett
Freedom Activist Network

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