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I am so sorry to say that it is true.  We don't know at this point exactly
what caused it.  The coroner's office has agree to provide me with a copy of
their report, when it becomes available.  I will certainly share their
Know this:  Early yesterday morning, Patrick was exhausted, but did speak to
me to say, "I know I'm finally free.  I don't have to use again.  I love
you, and I'm sorry I'm just too tired to talk."
I am angry that he's gone, but I will say this.  I know him better than
anyone else, and I know he would far rather have died a free man than lived
a slave.
If his passing provides information that saves someone else's life down the
line, he would be pleased.  I will still be pissed off, but would at least
be able to say SOMETHING good came of it.
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> I guess I am trying to process this, waiting for someone to say "just
kidding" or something...
> Do you really mean to tell us your husband died 3 days after taking ibo?
I'm sorry even to question it; I hope you understand that on the internet
there are a lot of people who would perpetuate cruel hoaxes like this, just
to wind up people who post in good faith.  So when I hear news like this, I
hope it isn't true, and my first reaction is to disbelieve it.  And again I
apologize for that.
> If it's indeed true, I offer my deepest condolences.    I don't know if
iboga was responsible, honestly, but the circumstances do give cause for
wondering.   What I do know is that there is a risk in experimentation, and
because the FDA shirks its responsibility in testing innovative treatments,
that burden of risk must be taken on by people like you and me.    It is
small comfort to you, but it's possible that in the discovery process you
will discover information that could prevent this happening to someone else.
I hope you'll consider sharing any new knowledge that you uncover.
> Regards,
> Carlton
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> Sadly, Patrick passed away yesterday.  It was very sudden, and we won't
> really know what happened until the coroner's report is ready in 6-8
> Pam
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> > By the way, Patrick sitting upright yet, or is he still prostrate?
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