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> Boy does this posted article sound familiar and rings a buncha bells for 
> me, as somone who is desperately trying to at LEAST cut down my smoking 
> (quitting just doesn't yet seem to be in the cards, though cutting down 
> has been happening since my last ibogaine session last weekend). Still, I 
> find myself beating myself up because I can't just "quit" smoking, but now 
> Dear Jules has posted a perfect article for me to point to, as a 
> struggling, "I really do wanna quit honey, I PROMISE" person.
> Peace and love,
> Preston Peet
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> depression
>> <http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-he-smoking25apr25,0,4108264.story?coll=la-home-health>
>> Beyond a craving
>> # Despite all the evidence, why do some still smoke? Smokers suffer more 
>> depression and other mental disorders, studies show, yet nicotine may 
>> actually help them cope.
>> By Charles Duhigg, Times Staff Writer
>> Recent studies show smokers are 4.7 times more likely than the population 
>> at large to suffer from major depression. Dozens of other surveys reveal 
>> cigarette users are more liable to struggle with anxiety disorders, 
>> schizophrenia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, alcoholism and 
>> drug use. Smokers consistently demonstrate higher-than-average levels of 
>> neuroticism and high-risk behaviors, and show poorer impulse control than 
>> nonsmokers.
>> "People who smoke today are, for the most part, people who are addicted 
>> in unique ways," said David Gilbert, a professor at Southern Illinois 
>> University who examines how nicotine affects the brain.
>> A recent study also shows daily smokers are more likely to consider or 
>> attempt suicide. Published last month in the Archives of General 
>> Psychiatry, the study examined the smoking habits of nearly 900 
>> Detroit-area residents during a 10-year period; they were also 
>> interviewed about other health habits. Researchers at Michigan State 
>> University and the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit found that daily 
>> smokers were 174% more likely than nonsmokers and occasional cigarette 
>> consumers to seriously consider or attempt suicide, even after the 
>> results were adjusted for prior depression.
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