[Ibogaine] New 5 year penalty for use of cannabis as adjunct therapy in ibo-treatment

Jeff Gallop jeffgallop at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 18:05:44 EDT 2005

On 4/23//24/05, Ron Davis <rwd3 at cox.net> wrote:
.I was
just curious if any "highend H users " ever got thier feet wet, figuratively
 Then on 4/24/05
they'll come get me for this..it is not legal advise but merely offered for 
amusement purposes like mindvox. anyone give up a session to bail me out?

> naw, junkies are selfish, that's our calling card, i, me , min
 despite your finding help here, help that you have said is life saving, you 
continue to insert little comments in many of your posts about those 
fortunate enough to have had an ibo treatment as if they are all rich, well 
off, well fed ,well housed, folks who only care about themselves, to the 
exclusion of all other with YOU being tops on their list
 man it getting to be a real bore to read your stuff....
Yesterday you call them "high end user" and wonder if they "got their feet 
wet" (meaning jailed)- again as if you are the only guy ever caught up in 
the legal shit.
Today you facetiously wonder if someone would give up a session to bail you 
out....(this being after many many have offered you whatever they could)
I know you were "joking" but it shows an underlying resentment of others, a 
jealousy that they have had the balls to do the deed, to eat the root, to 
see the sights..and that they(we) are all well set 
.man what a drag it is getting old huh?
 it is just getting so so boring from you my man
 Freaking Done 
 Jeff G
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