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Sun Apr 24 15:53:48 EDT 2005

We are nearing the end of hour five of Patrick's Ibogaine session, and he appears to be doing well.
He seems totally oblivious to noises, indeed, has a hard time hearing our facilitator when she asks him how he is doing.
But, he always has been a mismatcher, or ":bloody minded," as the British say.
He is verbalizing some, but perhaps that is because he frequently talks in his sleep?
I'm keeping an eye on his pulse and blood pressure--both are low, but still not alarming (pulse 48, BP 112/68, while normal for him is 64, 138/84)
He was REALLY nauseated there for a while, but being the stubborn Irishman that he is, he refused to throw up.  ("At what this is costing, I am NOT wasting it.")
He has only had to make one trip to the washroom, as the Ibogaine apparently loosened his bowels a bit.  I never realized how big a guy he was until I was trying to get him to the bathroom--
Currently, he seems fairly peaceful, but does turn from back to side, side to back every so often.
Well, I better get myself back up there--he does not like me leaving the room, even for a minute.
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